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cre-scen-do [kri-shen-doh, -sen-doh]: verb: to build up to or reach a point of great intesity, force, or volume

Crescendo Holdings

"A survivor has barely enough, a thriver has an abundance. Do you have more month left over at the end of your money? You can have more money left over at the end of your month! You can thrive financially! A survivor is always on the edge, a thriver is on firm ground. Do you feel like you could fall over the edge at any time? You can get back on solid footing! You can feel firm about where you are. You can thrive!"
-- Chris Widener, from a motivational business article on

About Crescendo Holdings

    Crescendo Holdings is a holding company for numerous businesses in many industries, ranging from real estate and retail to business services and consulting. As a company, Crescendo Holdings is committed to improving the financial and general well-being of as many people as possible through financial education & communication.

Crescendo Holdings' Companies & Organizations

Crescendo History

    Crescendo Holdings was originally founded to hold Real Estate assets purchased by A. Caleb & Jill Hartley, Crescendo's proprietors. Since its founding, Crescendo has become more than a holding company - it has become Crescendo Mastermind Group, a group of like-minded investors who meet regularly to communicate & learn from one another. It has become a group of companies seeking to serve people through innovative solutions to common problems. It has become more like a family than a company; a family that includes members of the Crescendo Mastermind Group, customers of the Crescendo companies, business partners of Crescendo Holdings, and more!


    Crescendo's proprietors are A. Caleb Hartley, and his wife, Jill C. Hartley, with help from their friends and business partners, including Visionary Holdings, LLC.

Contacting A. Caleb Hartley & Jill C. Hartley

    Caleb and Jill may be contacted at and, respectively.

Written communication may be mailed to:
A. Caleb Hartley or Jill Hartley,
C/O Crescendo Holdings
P.O. Box 7263
Columbus, OH 43205

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