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A. Caleb Hartley began his entrepreneurial career while still in middle school. He and a friend began a D.J. Service (Premier Entertiainment D.J. Services) in eighth grade by combining the equipment of their two component stereo systems. They continued through high school, plowing all the money they made back into new music and better equipment (and allowing themselves Taco Bell before every "gig").

Unfortunately, Hartley and his partner, at the time, did not truly understand business; they charged far too little for each job and did not create a system for the business - they were the business. So when Hartley left central Ohio to begin college, the company disbanded.

Hartley holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Management from Eastern Michigan University and a Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship from Franklin University.

About Jill C. Hartley

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Jill C. Hartley has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater from Otterbein College and is currently attending Columbus State Community College, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, and Otterbein College to obtain her teaching license and a Master of Education in English.

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